Capital Raising

There are a number of areas in which Dermot Campbell Associates can help you with capital raising.

Approaching the right investors will accelerate your capital raise and ultimately boost the value of your business.

Getting it wrong can be very damaging to your brand and reputation.

1. Thorough preparation 

Most important, before any capital raising exercise, is to have a set of investment grade documents which properly articulate your proposition.

We have significant experience in preparing, reviewing and developing investment grade documents. You are likely to need:

  • Business plan
  • Financial model
  • Investment deck
  • Executive summary

2. Lead time

Next to preparation, is being ready in time. The vast majority of fund-raising exercises fail because they start late and the venture runs out of runway. Be in contact with us up to 6 months ahead of time.

Potential investors frequently like to watch a business before investing and you need to be ready for this. We provide the right and appropriate information to potential investors.

3. Defined and vetted target list

Upon creating the right investment documents, we plan the approach to potential investors in your business. 

We create a list of target list, not by spamming the market but by taking care to carefully research each target investor.

Being introduced by the wrong person can destroy any chance of success. The approach your target investors needs to be carefully managed. We are a trusted source.

It is critical the funders have aligned interests an are genuinely likely to invest. We examine interests and risks for you.

Dermot Campbell has been responsible for multiple investment rounds from a various sources including Venture Capital funds, Innovate UK grant funding, R&D tax credits and Angel Investors.

Dermot chaired the investment committee at boutique city practice Kuber Ventures Limited and had oversight of 100s of VC investments in that role.

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