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When setting up a new investment fund, it is important to get the documentation and legal structure right.   

Get it wrong and it will take many years to recover from misconceptions.

The wealth management sector controls substantial private capital and getting the marketing right can unlock enormous potential.

Dermot Campbell Associates Ltd can assist in the project management of creating fund documents, significantly reducing costs.

How we can help

With experience chairing and providing governance support to Investment Committees, we have had responsibility for reviewing the documentation of funds available on platforms, gaining significant experience in what good quality documentation looks like. 

Better quality documents

With an investment fund, often the first and sometimes the only exposure an investor will have to your fund will be the Information Memorandum or fund Prospectus.

Creating an Information Memorandum from scratch can be expensive and often the organisation writing it for you will be seeking to address the legal requirements but ignore the important marketing this document needs to do.

Dermot Campbell is well connected within the wealth management community and has a detailed understanding of that community.  

Our wide and unique experience comes from talking to investors and advisors about documents and associated problems they create.

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