Sales and Marketing can be one of the critical elements to a business and often the hardest to get right. However, it doesnt need to be complicated.

Is your business a disruptor, or core market participant? Each requires a very different approach.


There is a simple hierachy when putting any sales and marketing plan in train. It starts with a clearly established set of corporate values which feed into a set of brand values.

  • A strong image which represents your core values
  • A distribution strategy
  • A marketing and communication plan
  • A sales strategy


“How should I approach the market?” – follow the traditional route or try something new.

Critical decisions include how to structure a sales proposition, where to concentrate your marketing spend and balancing budgets


The purpose of brand is to help customers make decisions.

Brand is also important to any business that is seeking to engage with other organisations or people.

Building a visual image and tone of voice is the first step.

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