Sales and marketing

Sales management is very much an art.

With extensive experience, we can help you scale and grow with the right marketing approach. Whether it is to providing an interim sales and marketing director, a mentor/ coach or via a short term contract


Structuring the sales strategy is key.

Should this involve hiring a sales team or outsourcing to an agency? or a combination the two?

Is your sales team desk based or field based?

Building a carefully thought out sales strategy starts with a critical assessment of where you stand today and what your customers’ needs are.

Recruitment and performance management

Motivating a sales team is as complex as managing a high performing sports team.

The starting point is to build the right team which involves hiring the right people.

The first step is to create a hiring plan which allows for long term needs of the business and accounts for the reality that you will experience staff turnover.

Finally, you need to remunerate your sales team. A well-constructed remuneration package will motivate your team to achieve outstanding results.

Should you include equity in the package?

How much commission do you pay?

What level of salary?

Monitoring and appraisal

Getting remuneration right is essential, however, well executed performance management is far more motivating.

Performance management starts with setting and agreeing on goals.

Next you need to reqularly monitor progress and develop an early warning system which will identify issues before they arise.

Finally, you need to constantly fine-tune the strategy and behaviour of the team.

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